SEO Consultancy

If you’re an SME, it’s hard to envisage a strong marketing strategy that doesn’t involve ranking well for key search terms in Google’s organic rankings – that’s to say, the ones you don’t pay for. I’ve delivered Search Engine Optimisation projects for Sony, South African Airways and, among tens of other brands. SEO is all about understanding the market for your product or service and knowing how to get in front of them when they go looking.

SEO Outreach

In 2016, a fair chunk of SEO is relationship-building. Getting other people talking about you and linking to you is the backbone of ranking well on Google. I have extensive experience building relationships with online publishers and external stakeholders to deliver effective partnerships that have a positive impact on a site’s search engine rankings.

WordPress Development

WordPress is my home. Whatever you want your site to do, WordPress can do it – although it might take a little under-the-hood knowhow and tweaking to get it there. Fortunately, I have a toolbox.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a potent force in modern digital marketing as it helps you get in front of your audience on the networks they use day in, day out. I help brands set up their social presence, target their key audiences, and spread the word.