Finn PR

At Finn, we think PR is dead – and at the same time, that its traditional cornerstones of third-party recommendation and influencer relations are more important than ever. We bring together specialists in consumer, corporate, trade and digital PR, combine them with incisive data insights, and zero in on the commercial impact of our work. The result is something Altogether Sharper – strategy, creativity, commercial drive, technical ability and hard work make us who we are.


GigFlare is a live music start-up trying to make life easier for everyone involved in attending live music events. It’s a ticketing engine that gives a fair deal to artists and fans, alongside a local membership scheme which will give you special access and discounts for an annual price, all topped off with an app that lets you share your experiences and get closer to the music you love.

By Volume

I launched By Volume in 2011 with the intention of putting some teeth back into music journalism. Music’s become too much of an industry; this we know. But we decided there wasn’t enough writing out there that focused completely on artistic merit; too much of it, we opined, was geared towards some strange form of cyclic celebrity culture. We founded By Volume, which began as a monthly digital magazine and grew to a full website. We were a 20-strong team.

Sputnik Music

Now Emeritus (i.e. retired), I was until this year a Staff Writer with SputnikMusic, a MetaCritic-approved music review site with a community foundation. I worked my way up from writing reviews in my bedroom aged 17 to writing reviews in my bedroom aged 23 with a little red badge that said STAFF next to my name.