Hi. I’m Adam.

I’m a creative comms strategist with particularly in-depth knowledge of digital experience channels.

I use insight to create powerful brand & campaign ideas that build salience among consumers and drive behaviour change.

I craft integrated channel plans that fit together like jigsaws along consumer journeys, plan digital media, and dive into results to understand real-world impact.

And I understand technical stuff like search & social algorithms and digital best practice, meaning I can talk to all sorts of stakeholders and keep people focused on the desired outcome.

Tasked to increase penetration, we analysed the client data and saw an opportunity to shift perception of the stretch marks staple into a “beauty hack”.

We built a platform that spoke to a breadth of usage cases that people had already quietly mentioned online, but the brand had never talked about.

And we communicated all of that through an integrated media plan that blended brand & activation comms, including partnerships with Cosmo and GHK, lots of paid social, and a content hub housed on Tumblr (of all places), delivering sales growth, 30,000+ samples, and unprecedented engagement.

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With the objective of driving further household penetration from gluten-free buyers, our insight was that too often with gluten-free snacks, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

We all make excuses to indulge in treats – from the gym justifying Deliveroo, to a long day justifying a bottle of wine – but gluten-free treats never matched up. Until Mrs. Crimble’s.

We built hero VOD ads and underpinned the whole campaign with tightly-targeted, moments-focused activation across social, leading to a significant ROS uplift during the campaign period.

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Picking up the mantle as BRISK Grooming’s lead creative agency in the midst of a brand redesign, we developed a creative platform that touched on the awkwardness of both growing a beard when you’re new to it, and being a man in the late 2010s.

We executed this campaign platform through a new, paid-first approach to social, reaching huge numbers of bearded men and hammering home the new brand identity with a distinct TOV.

Ultimately this campaign & the insight it was founded on helped the brand secure a new listing in Morrisons.

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