Marketing, Writing, Music & Web

Hi. I’m Adam.

I operate where a few different domains collide. A couple of years ago, my areas of expertise might have been deemed independent of each other; as chance would have it, they’ve converged beautifully.

I music. In 2015 I founded a music startup, GigFlare. Its objective is to create an online portal that makes local music easier for music lovers, artists, venues and promoters.


I digital. I’m Finn PR’s Digital Account Manager, making it my job to bring a sharp digital focus to everything we do to gain coverage and cut-through for our clients, from strategy to execution to measurement.

I music. I also, apparently, invent verbs. Music has been an enormous part of my life for nigh-on a decade now. I listen to albums and attend shows and all the other stuff that certifiably proves I love music.

I web. Lots. I build sites – especially WordPress sites – and I’ve made it my earthly duty to learn as much about this tangle of information as possible. I’m gradually getting all the knots out.

Politics, Digital and Music